Shan Riggs

Shan Riggs headshot
Hartford Marathon Foundation
JSB Collaborator

Shan is a JSB collaborator. Shan has worked in the sponsorship industry for over 22 years, specializing in complex, multi-party sales strategy and negotiation.

In addition to several years with JSB, Shan worked alongside Dan for nearly 12 years at IEG as Vice President of Business Development.  There he did high-level strategic work for brand and rightsholder clients, as well as best practice sales techniques.  Shan has worked with sponsors of all types including financial services, automotive, insurance, defense, beverage, manufacturing, retail and more.  Shan has also worked with a wide variety of properties and influencers including associations, festivals, causes, film projects, athletes, actors, artists and even famous pets.  Because of that broad perspective, Shan brings to the table real-time insights of the sponsorship and social media landscape.

Shan is a passionate ultramarathon runner and speaks regularly at events on sponsorship within the running industry.  Shan sometimes combines his passion for running, sponsorship, PR, marketing and fundraising by running extremely long distances (United States coast-to-coast, Key West to Canada, Vancouver to Mexico, etc.) as a way to raise money and awareness for a variety of charities.

Prior to IEG, Shan built sales teams of up to 22 people and sold sponsorship for two large conference companies: the International Institute for Research (IIR) and Marcus Evans.

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